Words from Within

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Michelle Diaz-Vail
Executive Director (Immanuel Courtyard)

The culture of Immanuel makes it special for me.  I walk into work everyday feeling blessed because of the residents we work for, the co-workers we work with, and the spirit that works through us.

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Jacob Schultz
Executive Director (Immanuel Village)

I see Immanuel's mission lived out through the relationships that are formed between the staff and residents.  We become part of their extended family and that's what makes us different.

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Andrea Thome
Executive Director (Immanuel Pathways Central Iowa)

Immanuel truly embodies its mission of "Christ centered services to seniors, the community, and each other".  The true experience of working with an interdisciplinary team can be found at Immanuel Pathways as we work to improve the health and wellbeing of Seniors in Central Iowa.

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Because we're non-profit, we're always for you

Immanuel operates as a non-profit organization. So any funds we accumulate after expenses are invested right back into our communities and services. This is why Immanuel stands apart from the rest. We have better services and resources for our residents, participants and employees. Instead of being accountable to shareholders, we hold ourselves accountable to the well being of our stakeholders - the residents, participants and employees.